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Dell’s Favorite Texas Olive Ranch began as a dream by Chef Frank & Renee Majowicz.  In order to keep Frank busy in retirement, which was still quite a few years away at the time, they decided to try their hand at growing olive trees.  In 2011, after purchasing land in Elgin, TX, Frank & Renee painstakingly began readying the land for planting.  After much preparation, the trees were finally planted in 2014.  Chef Frank, after 43 years as an Executive Chef for numerous Hyatt Hotels across the US, retired in September of 2020.  He has been busy working the orchard ever since.  Currently the 3.5 acre orchard contains approximately 450 trees. There have been 4 successful harvests so far, with the most recent being September, which is currently being offered. 


  The business was named for Renee's grandmother, whose name was Dell.  The "favorite" was added because Frank quickly replaced Renee as her favorite when he was brought into the family.  She would have loved the orchard, as she always had her hands in the dirt in one form or another.  She would have especially loved the roadrunner family currently living in the orchard, as they were another of her favorite things.


This exceptional, Texas grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a blend of Arbequina & Arbosana olives. It is a lovely combination of fresh, green, fruity & slightly peppery flavors.  Frank & Renee are very proud to share this delicious, high-quality EVOO for

a variety of culinary delights.

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